Thanks for tuning in! The Corner Store Variety Show is an original, scripted, sketch comedy podcast produced in Boston. All of our shows and sketches are available free on iTunes, Stitcher, and RSS.

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Episode #8

Full Episode (14:15)
Antiques Roadshow Parody (4:36)
The Adventures of TempGirl 7 (2:57)
Superhero and Supervillain Walk Into a Bar (8:13)

This week Antiques Roadshow is in Akron, Ohio. What treasures might we find? TempGirl finally basks in the glow of the Big Copier… but does she get tanned or burned? Find out in this new thrilling installment of The Adventures of TempGirl #7. In Superhero and Supervillain Walk Into a Bar, superhero Accelerator and supervillain Dumb Blonde share a drink and blow off steam about henchmen, equal pay, and world domination.

All you need for an asylum is an empty room and the right kind of people.

– Alexander Bullock (played by Eugene Pallette) in My Man Godfrey

For a couple of hours every few months we — myself and this very talented group of Boston actors — get together and create an asylum. We become elevator-building squirrels, playground police, and chocolate chip aliens! varietystore1_edited-2c

We’ve got The Dating Game for moms, a film noir takeoff, bad commercial jingles, our audio comic strip, The Adventures of TempGirl, and much more. Hopefully there’s something for everyone.

That’s why we’re the The Corner Store Variety Show. You can call it the corner store, the convenience store, or the packy, spa, or party store. It’s the place  you go when you need a little something tasty. I hope you’ll come here when you need a little bite of comedy.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

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