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cropped-dscn035123.jpgSome people call it the corner store, or the convenience store, or the party store. It’s the place where you go ’cause you just need to grab a little something tasty. That’s how we like to think of our podcast. We’ve got tampon cellphones, a classic film noir with a modern tech twist, a Project Runway-esque reality show with trees instead of models, and even the Grim Reaper. Hopefully there’s a little something tasty for everyone.

Like an old radio show, we huddle around a large microphone, scripts in hand. Some of us wear sweatshirts, others pajamas; we get to play from eight to eighty and everything in between to create wacky worlds without any sets, costumes, or make-up. It’s the joy of an audio-only show. And then, we eat.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!!