OLD A little bite of comedy

cropped-dscn035123.jpgHey, hey, everyone! Greetings from Boston. Once I was an indie filmmaker and aspiring television writer. Now I’m a mom with two kids. If I’d known how much material I’d get from living a basically normal life, I would have given up the dysfunctional artist life years earlier!

So now, every few months, I get my merry band of talented actor friends back together for a few furious fun hours of sketch recording. Then I take the audio, add some music and sound effects, and create the show. We have a great time doing it and hope you enjoy listening.

DSCN0352We’re one of the few podcasts out there doing original, scripted material. We’ve got elevator-building squirrels, The Dating Game for moms, the adventures of TempGirl, a film noir with a modern GPS twist, destination funerals, and much, much more!

DSCN0367I hope there’s a little something for everyone. That’s why I named the podcast The Corner Store Variety Show. You can call it the corner store, the convenience store, or the party store. It’s the place  you go when you just need a little something tasty. I hope you’ll come here when you need a little bite of comedy.

Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!!